Complete degreasing of the following areas:

  • Hood
  • Control Knobs
  • Drip Pans
  • Rotisserie Racks
  • Igniters
  • Pull-Out Tray
  • Thermometer

Components deep cleaned in our steam bath:

  • Grill Racks
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • Heat Plates

Inspection of the following parts:

  • Burners
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Igniters
  • Venturi Tubes

Benefits of our service:

  • Removes harmful carcinogens that can be transferred to your food
  • Prevents future corrosion
  • Helps extend the life of your grill
  • Protects a valuable investment

BBQ is polished upon completion.


  • Full service cleaning for grills up to 36″ – $195.00
  • Full service cleaning for grills over 36″ – $249.00
  • Repairs – $89.00 per hour
  • Cleaning rates are subject to change
  • All commercial grills require an onsite estimate

Maintenance Program:

We offer residential maintenance cleaning discounts. The initial cleaning is subject to our standard rate and discounted cleanings apply to all cleanings after the first.